Motivating a young adult with Asperger's

My son is in his early 20s and he has gone to college and received an AA degree in Business. He has no desire to work or be on his own. How do I steer him in that direction? How much do I push/help? My desire is to have him live on his own in the coming months. He said that he has no motivation. He has lived with his mother in another city and is living with me now.
  • Tough question...Maybe some quality father and son time to find out who he is and what hes about,. Early 20's is young for an AS person, but its old enough to be earning his own income. Have you asked him whether he wants the sort of work he is qualified for or if he would prefer to try something less threatening initially? Have you found accomodation for him and taken him to look at it? As an AS person his self-esteem and decision making skills are probably not up to par and transition is always difficult so I would say he definitely needs as much support and assistance as you can give him.
  • If he has just had a big move to cope with and all the changes that that entails then perhaps he just needs to take all that in and get used to things around him 1st. Also, there's nothing to put a young man or woman off a thing than being told by a parent that is what they need to do. He needs to come to that conclusion himself - and he will - given time. Back off a little. Just enjoy his company and be there for him
  • I don't think saying he has ASD is enough info. ASD is so general and each persons asd experience is uniquely molded especially at that age by the experiences they have.

    I think you should help him find something he likes wether it be traditional school or trade school. Maybe even the military if he would enjoy it.

    Its his life. Guide him but dont do it for him. Of course I don't know how much on the spectrum he is or whatever you call it. I think you should help him meet people that sahre an interest in him. If you have any connection that he is interested in. Invite that person to dinner and do an informational interview. even if its for something lyou wont traditionally do information interviews for. The thing is just trying something you havent. After finding something he likes then you can focus on the employment opportunities.
  • Hi. I'm 29, AS. My mom helped me start a business with a dozen pens, then mugs and now many things. It has helped me financially and socially. I have met many people and I ask to join events to set up a table to sell. I also help in the community by raising awareness and helping LEO's and Emergency Responders.