Study Participants Needed: Technology Supports Utilized in the Workplace

Research Topic Title: Employee Perspectives: Technology as an Accommodation for Employees with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dear Prospective Participant,

 I am a doctoral candidate at New Jersey City University in the department of Educational Technology Leadership. My dissertation research is to identify and describe the lived experiences of employees with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the technologies utilized in the supportive employment process. Interested participants will be asked to complete an online Qualtrics questionnaire to determine their compatibility to the research study. Selected participants who agree will be asked to participate in an interview to further capture their experiences. 

No personal information other than an email address is needed to participate. Your participation in this research will be completely voluntary and anonymous. To participate please, click on the link to the online survey below. This will bring you to a webpage with more information about the study. If after reading this information you decide to participate you will be led to an online questionnaire. This questionnaire should take between 10-15 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions regarding this research or the results of the study, you are welcome to contact me (Wendy Thompson) by email ( Thank you for your anticipated contribution to this research project.


Wendy Thompson, Doctoral Candidate, New Jersey City University