We need help!

My daughter was diagnosed last year at 22. I've been doing everything I can to educate myself so I can help her.

I'm so lost and confused.

In February, while visiting her fathers home she was assaulted by a young man. We pressed charges in this small town. I was told to call every Thursday to find out if we had a court date. Three months go by, they say they can't find him to serve him, so any information I get on him I call and tell them. Finically I call and guess what, the had court the day before dismissed the charges because we didn't show up. We had no idea there was even a court date, every time I called the said no date had been set, now they tell me we have to refile. I've called the DA spoke with him one time, he said let me check into this and call you back, never heard back, I've emailed still nothing, I've called his office several times, still nothing. Does she not have any rights? It's like no one cares and this boy and mother are getting away with hurting her. She afraid he's going to come after her.

Please help I don't know where to turn.

  • I have been through bullying and very violent situations like you are dealing with. What I do is to see if you can get a restraining order and a no contact order put into place. You might want to encourage your daughter and you to do this. She has rights has an adult to help herself unless she has a guardian put into place. If people like the son and mother come near you or try to contact, then you can have them arrested and stalking charge has to be put on them anyways. Your daughter should be seeing a counselor to help deal with her issues. She should worry that nothing is going to happen to her. She should not be afraid of the situation and should not be afraid of it. Believe me, I have seen people try to get away with situations and not do anything about it. Sometimes all you can do is leave them alone and put a restraining order and no contact order into place. Sometimes it is important to keep them as busy as you can and try to encourage them to participate in activities. Self Advocacy is all that you do.
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    Also check this website out too:http://www.thehotline.org
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    Sorry to reiterate. All you can do is to keep your daughter as busy as you can. Activities work. Sometimes there is nothing that you can do about problems and that you have to move on from them. Keep yourself and your daughter busy with any activities that you can think about and try to encourage yourself and your daugther to not think about the problems. Your daughter should see a counselor. You can also try chatting with counselors online too if that works as well if you cannot find one in your town or near your home.
  • I guess I should explaine a little more since its not so simple. The mother and son are her step family. So she is unable to see her father at this point. We went and saw a judge and filed, but when the court date came we were not made aware even after calling when the court told me to so the judge dismissed it. I got in contact with the DA, but no one seems to want to help.
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    Sounds like you are doing what you can for right now. I would try to get in contact with the National Domestic Violence Hotline if you can and try to find a Domestic Violence Organization in your area that can help you. You can try the Domestic Violence Shelters and any organizations that deals with domestic violence that you can find in your area. I would definitely go to them to ask for help in your case. Advocates can also help you too with this stuff and they will do what they can to help you. You just have to be patient when you get in contact with anyone. They will do what they can to help you deal with family issues that you are dealing with. Just definitely try to get in contact with a domestic violence advocate or organization in your area if you can. Even if you are having family problems, you should try and contact them if you can. Although there is not much that I can do beyond this point to give you more information. Here are some websites to help you too. You have to be patient sometimes and wait for people to respond to you. I would definetely make sure that your daughter sees a mental health counselor and participate in activities if she can. She can also try to speak with a domestic violence advocate if she can. They will be true believers and can help with recovery. Just do what you can to keep contacting people a little bit until you have the help that you need. Thank You! :)


  • I am having a problem with law enforcement protecting my rights.