Autistic Adults who break the law.

They have closed the hospitals.
If it is true that Autistic people cannot help their behaviour some Autistic people who break the law might need to be locked up but not be put in an ordinary prison.
Many Autistic people land in prison for anti social behaviour which is not accepted for Adults but children do it. Autistic people often do not grow out of deviant behaviour.

If there is no point punishing an Autistic person and a normal prison might kill an Autistic person.
The answer might be to have secure homes for Autistic people.
In the homes Autistic people should be able to pursue their interests and perhaps be taken out with staff althought society would be protected the inmates would not be locked in cells.

The object of course should be to keep Autistic people free with support in the community for as a large proportion of Autistic people.

I know Secure Homes for Autistic people might be considered prisons under another name.
David Shamash
  • If the same laws applied to young boys as it does to adults.
    Most boys would be in prison.
    Boys fight throw stones and do breach of the peace very often.
    If grown ups do the above they can be sent to prison.
    The minumim age to be prosecuted in the UK is ten but in practice children are rarely taken before the courts.
    I know children can be put in a mental hospital.
    I went to the Maudsley school in 1966 nearly fifty years ago aged nine.
    Most children who do those things are not locked up.
    The question must be asked is whether Autistic Adults shoudl be sent to an ordinary prison for the above things. At the moment the only custody available is prison and in some cases mental hospital or a home under the incapacity act.
    Too many Autistic people and ohter disabled people land in prison.
    Most prisoners have a disability of sorts and there should be more other kinds of custody. although that could be prison under a different name.
    David Shamash

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  • So you think autistic people are not capable of learning or understanding consequences...but I don't agree with you. Even in meltdown there is enough awareness to maintain a certain level of self preservation and an understanding of consequences. Autistic people freak out but usually not enough to cause serious self harm and this has to translate to not harming other people. I can have serious meltdowns, but if I ever really harmed someone I would expect the same consequences as anyone else.
  • There was a famous case of Gary Mckinnon who hacked into American computers probably because of a Co-Existing condition OCD.
    His defence was he could not help it.
    Gary was not extradited or prosecuted in the UK.
    He got away with his hacking but he was kept on tenter hooks for a very long time and also Gary was not allowed to use the internet.
    I know someone who keeps clicking his camera he probably cannot help it either.
    He is Autisitc.
    Some Autistic people cannot help their behaviour and society might deem it criminal.
    When one becomes eighteen one is supposed to be an adult but not every body becomes mature at eighteen or ever becomes matrure.
    David Shamash
    David Shamash
  • Different sort of criminal behavior to what I was thinking of, but I don't think either of these people should be in any sort of lock up facility; an intelligent society could probably put both of these people and their singleminded abilities to good use.
  • "an intelligent society" unfortunately is rare to find.
  • One lasting and clear message I learned at work, was that striving, and especially succeeding, at achieving the stated mission often brought unexpected results, such as resentment and retaliation, to name just a few of them. In other words, mediocrity was the true objective desired, and the elaborate statements of mission were attractively presented but otherwise simple shams/"feel-good" scams. Thus it wasn't surprising to see in local and state news that police officials lamented that up to 50% of those in jail/prison in this US state, were suffering mental disabilities or illnesses, but absent adequate mental health resources, there are no more suitable placements available. I'm an idealist, but when the bureaucrats run short of funds, you can bet they will be content to achieve mediocre results, as long as they keep their jobs. .
  • The trouble is that CARE IN THE COMMUNITY does not work in may cases.
    It means that when they get into trouble with the law they land in prison instead of Mental Hospital.
    Mentally Ill people in the UK can be put in a Police Cell udner the Mental Health Act.
    Society is not worried as long as dangerous people are off the streets.
    In priosn prisoners have to meet certain goals before they can be released from Life for Public protection. Many prisoners cannot meet those goals as prisoners are not given re hab courses as the money is not there. I think prisoners have been given compentation under the Human Rights Act.

    There is also custody in the community in the form of Electronic Tagging.
    That is cheaper than imprisonment.
    The troble with Electronic Tagging is that the offender could be a danger to the rest of the family while detained at home. Could get depressed when not allowed out.
    Above all that punishment is often not complied with.
    Care in the Community and Electronic Tagging the intention was good but all it does is safe society money in the short term. An Elightened Society would look for more ways of Rehab and better care in secure Accomodation for those who cannot be curered.
    For example Autistic Homes are being closed and some Autistic people would come to harm in the community or get ino trouble with the law and land in Prison.
    David Shamash

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  • I would also like to add that there are many people in LONDON sleeping in the streets.
    I expect partly because of CARE IN THE COMMUNITY.
    I wonder how many of those people are AUTISTIC.
    Do people sleep on the streets in Australia USA New Zealand.?
    David Shamash
  • I think all cities have people on the streets; a lot of them are children who are legally old enough to leave home but have nowhere to go. The majority of autistic people are not going to be well cared for in a society that uses 75% of its brain function to operate in accord with everyone else; we need a society that embraces diversity not conformity.
  • My city is LOADED with homeless. Every single red light I stop at has a minimum of 2 people holding signs,walking up to cars. Many are drunk, or high. My city of one of the leaders in pain pill abuse due to our state & counties releaxed laws in the Pill Mill industry.Plus we have one of the worst housing/forclosure issues in the united states. They come from other states to my area. People are walking zombies holding signs. its very sad.. & my son reads their signs & is beginning to ask questions about them. Brandon sometimes knocks on the car window, rolls down the window & says "Hi Man: to them. (I do help when I can, sometimes, but sometimes it's not safe" Instead of the state/city/county do something to work out the homeless situation, they replaced the city benches with new ones with dividers so they can't lay down, only sit up. They took a park where the homeless group camped & put a botanical garden where their camp area was. They offer them a free train ticket anywhere out of the city once. Are they gone, no.. They are now sleeping in the woods, under highway overpasses, behind buildings, just spread out more. It's really a very sad situation here. If the city creates an atmosfere of hopelessness, cuts funds & make shelter laws un-obtainable to the homeless, then makes the city's environment unlivable for the homeless.
  • Which City and Which Country are you in?

    Sleeping in the streets: Diversity is something we do not want.
    I have heard in some States in America they say bed rooms are for sleeping and they stop people sleeping in the streets?
    May be the Police shoud arrest people who sleep in the streets.
    That might encourage people to go into Night Shelters.or it might make people sleep in the countryside away from the eyes of the Police.
    At the moment in London the Police do not seem to do anything about people sleeping in the streets.
    David Shamash
  • David, I am in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. USA
    The rich are really rich & the poor don't have a fighting chance.
  • If our society embraced diversity no one would have to sleep on the streets. I was pretty much on the streets for a couple of years when I was young. Its not so bad because you always think things are going to get better. Its tougher when you're older and realise they're probably not ; but I suppose you can realise that without living on the streets as well ...sooo?
  • One way of looking at it is that those people are on the streets as society cannot tollerate them so they are thrown out of homes.
    Another way of looking at it is that no one should be allowed to sleep on the streets and they should all be in night shelters.

    In Australia was sleeping on the streets warmer?
    Australia is a very hot conuntry so it is much better to be on the streets in Australia than in the UK.?
    David Shamash
  • Not much of Australia is warm enough for people to sleep on the streets; it is really unacceptable that this is even possible. It is disgusting when you compare how much money Australia gives to foriegn aid and other nationalities coming into the country and nothing for minority group and struggling naturalised Australian....This country is very neglectful of its own citizens.